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January 5th 2009

2009 New Year SnowFlake 0.0.2 in Tel Aviv

2009 srarted with a lot of fun at Asaph [Tailor.vj] and Keren’s place, together with Noam and yours truly,

Drinking wine and munching goodies at our weekly “Wacom Forum” experiment where we draw and sketch with our wacoms [pen tablets] live to music – with Asaph’s new application Snowflake – an application he writes in processing and Java for this very purpose, and still is in the make, tailored to our wishes and needs.

in the meantime, we use also other open source other apps , hooking few laptops via the v4 video mixer and net, enjoying the ability to draw live together on the same output – projected on the wall live to music.

Noam took the lead “sketcher” role, while Asaph and i add the 2nd layers of colors, and “beat feel” textures, than erasing and making new room for a fresh sketch.

part of the fun is the ability to render the sketches to a mov video file pretty fast, while keeping its wight very light.

i hope to be able to upload soon some pictures we took and maybe also video animation bits we rendered.

- you are mostly welcome to try and use Snowflake with your Wacom:


so far – for pc users only.

anyone who’s interested in adding ideas or cooperate with us – are welcome to get in touch :)

Happy new 2009 :)

here‘s a sample video link

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