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August 10th 2010

Happy Birthday Gili Raz :)


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July 16th 2010

Jungle Funk Party pics -10.6.10 – Alik farm Michmoret

othing prepared us to the fact that Jungle Funk party in Alik farm in Michmoret, would be be such a blast great party.

Nothing but maybe this flayer , made my mate by Jimmy,

We actually had hard time on the way out of Tel-Aviv,  me and Micha AKA DJ Shimi sonic was picked up by my good mate Itay Kermer. it didnt took long before we got pulled aside by the traffic police just to get an uber-high fine over a sit-belt,  a ticket which took the man in blue a whole 43 minutes to write [!!!]

with 3 long faces we moved on to try and  make it through Thursday traffic jams – to make it on time for set up.

Arriving at the beauty sand dunes nature reserve that surrounds Alik farm, walking via high eucalyptus trees with screaming huge peacocks on them !! as set up of sound and screen was still going on. we entred the party spot.

Its took a while to end set up and a longer while for the crowd to get in.

Even my good friend Eva showd up to shake her pregnant belly, and to my great surprise, Iv’e met Tamar and others TelAvivians that came in there as well !

Only than the where that special magic happened.

A blend of amazing good vibe crowd and music style swings that slides via multi genres by Uriel – DJ Prince of Persia opend our apetite,  But when Shimi Sonic took the reins for a tight funky spin, the party really took of .

Fire artist, Juggling and acrobats , cool funky crowd and smiles all around while DJ Bushbeatz was next in line,

i had amazing time, see the pics of visuals screen and crowd below

Thanks Adar and Omri BushBeatz, thank Jimmy, Itay and Eva :)


March 23rd 2010

Funktronix – Shimi Sonic New EP / Her Sexy way Video clip

Ladies and Gentleman
Here’s the first glimpse to the new EP by Shimi Sonic
Called “Funktronix” -

Here’s the video for his track called “Her Sexy way”

made by yours truly

NJoy :)

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January 17th 2010

Photo Post – “Quite Voices” @ “Late at the Tate”-Tate Britain London

Photos from the event “Quite Voices” at the Tate Britain Museum 8.1.2010

which my work “3 steps” was exhibited.

This post is dedicated to my freinds:

Yifat Peled, Tamar Dressler, Dan Babz, Kristina stimakovitsMark Calvert, Danna Ronan

To the Kashtum people: Yona Marcu and Yossi Blat

The Cultural Attaché – Sharron Harnoy at The Israeli Embassy in London,

Who help me made it to London and back -

Thank you all so much  !!! :)

Neon headline on the Tate Britain building was the best welcome which says it all !

Pic was taken by Peter

That’s how the entrance hall looked like – statues next to video’s

Many people has arrived in spite of the snow storms

lots of “artsy” types, artists, musicians and art lovers

some photos of my work at the auditorium screening – please welcome Tel Aviv :)

Turner exhabition, open at night

a photo of the curator and some of the artist

Statue in the lobby

and this is how i felt:

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December 14th 2009

“3 Steps” at Hayarkon70 TLV – Live Video with Yonatan Oppenhiem Live music

Celebrated & shared my Video-Art “3 Steps”

before its participating in the event “Quite Voices” at Tate Britain 08.01.2010

We launched it at a screening at the “Spaceship” @ Hayarkon70 -TLV- on the 10.12.09

had many guests, wine & good vibes all around.

and… was mixing Live Video to the Live music of Yonatan Oppenhiem, who wrote the music for “”3 Steps”

Thanks for the Spaceship at Hayarakon 70

and for everyone who showed up,

Special thanks for everyone who helped making this evening a great fun .

3 steps to the Tate - Ha-Aretz 16.12.09 - Galerya

3 steps to the Tate - Ha-Aretz 16.12.09 - Galerya

Yonatan Oppenhiem & Ray-V


Yonatan Oppenhiem


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June 29th 2009

3 Steps [The First step]

3 Steps [The First step] from rayv on Vimeo.


Visuals by : Ray-V

Music By: Roy Shenzur

flickr.com/photos/rei_dishon/ © 2009

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January 5th 2009

2009 New Year SnowFlake 0.0.2 in Tel Aviv

2009 srarted with a lot of fun at Asaph [Tailor.vj] and Keren’s place, together with Noam and yours truly,

Drinking wine and munching goodies at our weekly “Wacom Forum” experiment where we draw and sketch with our wacoms [pen tablets] live to music – with Asaph’s new application Snowflake – an application he writes in processing and Java for this very purpose, and still is in the make, tailored to our wishes and needs.

in the meantime, we use also other open source other apps , hooking few laptops via the v4 video mixer and net, enjoying the ability to draw live together on the same output – projected on the wall live to music.

Noam took the lead “sketcher” role, while Asaph and i add the 2nd layers of colors, and “beat feel” textures, than erasing and making new room for a fresh sketch.

part of the fun is the ability to render the sketches to a mov video file pretty fast, while keeping its wight very light.

i hope to be able to upload soon some pictures we took and maybe also video animation bits we rendered.

- you are mostly welcome to try and use Snowflake with your Wacom:


so far – for pc users only.

anyone who’s interested in adding ideas or cooperate with us – are welcome to get in touch :)

Happy new 2009 :)

here‘s a sample video link

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September 22nd 2008

My New Blog :) – Hello world

Hi everyone

Thought it will be a good idea to add a blog to my website and tell you a bit what’s going on

[whenever i can get around to it]

There’s a lot going on these days but for now this is just a short note to say Hi to everyone that visits me here.

For my Hebrew blog you can check my page at: http://cafe.themarker.com/view.php?u=29488

Enjoy :)

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