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February 12th 2010

Visuals for: Soulico – Exotic On The Speaker – CD Launch 28.01.2010 Barzilay TLV

Thought to share with you , some of what went down at the
Soulico - Exotic On The Speaker – CD Launch at the Barzilay Club in Tel Aviv.  28.1.2010
The rehearsals were truly HOT and had a lot of energy, fun, jokes
it did feel that something serious is cooking and is about to explode.
The presence of the amazing locals talents such as the additional Kutiman, Idan K, and Danny Manor
on top of the Soulico boys and the rappers made the small room boiling hot..
a lot of video work prep on my side,  with some help of Noam Amir the one and THE only.
Roni Kaufman was joining the usual suspects to bring on the live feed video camera aspect to join the visual mix. Barzilay surface was never easy on the visual front, and so Roni ended up handcuffing her video camera tripod above the DJ booth – so tricky…. but yet working ! this girl Rocks !!!
may i take the opportunity to share the fact it was my birthday,
so i got to invite the ol’ mates gang – which was making me very happy to start with !
The stage was full of the locals talents and many rappers,
and was very crowded as it was- shaking and buzzing
-no one could hide their extremely great mood and high energy.
The Barzilay was packed – and the vibe went up constantly.
The show went down quite flawless, a total meltdown
here is 2 Video’s – a peep to what really went down
This video is the end of the gig , when everyone already totally out of it -
We loved it !!!
that’s what i call a truly happy Birthday !!!
Thanks everyone !!!
Soulico Crew - Exotic On The Speaker - CD Launch
Exotic on the speaker poster

Exotic on the speaker poster

poster by Pilpeled

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