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December 2nd 2009

“3 steps”- Video Art at the Tate Britain 08.Jan 2009

Israeli Video artist Ray-V [Revital Elkayam]

Will exhibit her work at the Tate Britain Museum.

Ray-V, “3 steps”, 2009


Ray-V – Revital Elkayam


Yehonatan Oppenheim


Still Photography:

Roni Kaufman

Rei Dishon

Exhibition link: http://bit.ly/rayvtate

January 8th, 2010 at Tate Britain


Composition of still photography layers and video layers, combined with text typography.

The Israeli video artist Ray-V [Revital Elkayam] will display her video art work

“3 steps” at a group exhibition at the Tate Britain, London.

The exhibition, titled Quiet Voices, will open at the

Tate Britain on January 8th, 2010 as part of the “Late at the Tate” program.

Quiet Voices is curated by the video artist

John Rixon, former visuals coordinator for The Big Chill.

Quiet Voices deals with the concept of “quiet”,

and its absence, as a key element in our everyday life.

The exhibition will try and observe its various aspects via the video art works.

Ray-V’s participation is supported by:

The Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs / The Embassy of Israel in London.

Quiet Voices is the artist’s first exhibition.

About the Video “3 steps”

The piece displays the quiet undertones of Tel Aviv life, and points out the various textures which define it: Alienation, quiet, restlessness, loneliness, movement, anxieties, human landscape vs. urban nature.

3 Steps follows the elements which fill the urban space.

The tree-lined boulevards. The people constantly roaming the streets, destinations unknown. Trees fighting for space against the backdrop of constant construction.

The passive fight of nature against the city’s constant tendency to expand and choke the space.

The artist combines digitally-processed still street scenes – and together displays the quiet atmosphere alongside the urban intensity.

Ray-V – Revital Elkayam, is a graduate of Camera Obscura Film school;

An active video- and Live video-artist for the past 9 years, in Israel and abroad.

Ray-V created live video installations and preformed live with her video content in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and more.

Ray-V is a sought-after participant at live video at music performances and in Art festivals worldwide.

2008: DJ Magazine’s top VJ list (15th)

2007: DJ Magazine’s top VJ list (11th)

Ray-V cooperated with various video artists as part of the British collective “Inside-Us-All”,

which won 1st place at DJ Magazine’s top VJ list for the past 2 years.

Ray-V’s style is characterized by urban imagery and carefully-chosen, colourful palettes.

Ray-V’s technique combines video and still photography with motion graphic animation.

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