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July 16th 2010

Web Design by Roni-a, Photography by Merav Maroody, Roni Kaufmann, Aya Epstein

I am happy to present you with the work of some of my good freinds:

please explore the amazing design work of my good friend Roni Arie roniarie.carbonmade.com

This is the amazing Roni smile :)

Roni re design my logo and my new business card

recently Roni redesign the new website “Window to the Stars” , for my parents Zimmers, which will soon be online:

This is me and Roni on a beautiful winter sunny day celebrating our birthdays :

There’s nothing like having such an amazing friend !!!


The amazing HDR photography on “Window to the Stars” website was made by my good talented  friend

Merav Maroody [AKA Merdi]:

Merdi is a Professional Motion Picture Still Photographer and the entrepreneur of  Ms.Use Magazine

She have a special eye for deserted factories in east Europe,

where you can feel the life buzzing just before they have faded.

I’ve edited a show-reel for Merdi – made entirely from her stills photography.

checkout  Merdi’s work:  http://merdi.net


The photos on this version of  “Window to the Stars” website, was about taken 3 years ago

by the talented Roni Kaufmann, and served us very well, & received a bunch of compliments.

Roni is busy now with her work on her graduate exhibition from “Beit Berl” College of Art.

I’ve collaborated with Roni on countless video related projects – one of which is Lee “Scratch” Perry Live gig:

as well as on my video art 3Steps.


Upcoming photo section will be taken by my friend for many, many years  Aya Epstein

Aya frames  the nature surrounding her with her amazing photography work and a dedicate special eye.

checkout  Aya’s work:  www.aya-phoyo.com


I’m so Thankful for having such an amazing good hearted, and talented friends !

Love you so much, guys !

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July 16th 2010

Jungle Funk Party pics -10.6.10 – Alik farm Michmoret

othing prepared us to the fact that Jungle Funk party in Alik farm in Michmoret, would be be such a blast great party.

Nothing but maybe this flayer , made my mate by Jimmy,

We actually had hard time on the way out of Tel-Aviv,  me and Micha AKA DJ Shimi sonic was picked up by my good mate Itay Kermer. it didnt took long before we got pulled aside by the traffic police just to get an uber-high fine over a sit-belt,  a ticket which took the man in blue a whole 43 minutes to write [!!!]

with 3 long faces we moved on to try and  make it through Thursday traffic jams – to make it on time for set up.

Arriving at the beauty sand dunes nature reserve that surrounds Alik farm, walking via high eucalyptus trees with screaming huge peacocks on them !! as set up of sound and screen was still going on. we entred the party spot.

Its took a while to end set up and a longer while for the crowd to get in.

Even my good friend Eva showd up to shake her pregnant belly, and to my great surprise, Iv’e met Tamar and others TelAvivians that came in there as well !

Only than the where that special magic happened.

A blend of amazing good vibe crowd and music style swings that slides via multi genres by Uriel – DJ Prince of Persia opend our apetite,  But when Shimi Sonic took the reins for a tight funky spin, the party really took of .

Fire artist, Juggling and acrobats , cool funky crowd and smiles all around while DJ Bushbeatz was next in line,

i had amazing time, see the pics of visuals screen and crowd below

Thanks Adar and Omri BushBeatz, thank Jimmy, Itay and Eva :)

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May 29th 2010

Music for a better coming week

to Orit, My friend, My listener. I hope you are enJOYing Primavera !!!

The Magic:

My Whiters affair

still Gil


New Jahcoozi Music Video. currently heading to Expo in China as part of their tour for their 3rd album launch ‘Barefoot Wanderer’ on Bpitch Control.

and a really cool music cover to a band Iv’e never really liked much:

could you call on Lady day? could you call on John Coltrane?

Simply Sunshine

Be blessed


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May 15th 2010

Music for a happy week – radio Ray-V #007


Flayer Designed by: Yossi Jimmy

Still Bill Trailer:

“Its OK to head out to Wonderful, but on your way to wonderful, your gonna have to pass thru alright and when you get to alright take a good look around, and get used to it because maybe that is as far as you gonna go” :-) Bill Withers

Different kind of “Ain’t no sunshine”:

Bill Withers – use me:

D’Angelo w/ David Sanborn & Friends:

Ben Harper:


Bill Withers – Grandma – hands




… i like

Stevie Wonder Tribute:




May 8th 2010

“3 Step”- LIVE-Salon des Refusés-[Salon Hadhuyim] 5.5.2010 – Opening event

“3 Step”- LIVE
Salon des Refusés-[Salon Hadhuyim] 5.5.2010 – Opening event
Ray-V – Live Video TO Live music to Yehonatan Oppenhiem
5.5.2010- Jaffa



Thanks to:
Yaniv Eidelstein,
Noam Amir,
Oli & Sarit Amir,

Noga Bejach

Danna Ronen who took all the pics below – http://www.dannaronen.com
Who made it all possible.

Thanks everyone for coming.

“3 Step”- LIVE

Yehonatan & Ray-V doing Live

Ray-V & Noam Amir: by Ilan Nachshon – http://www.ilancom.com

Hadhuyim – Guest Book

Salon Hadhuyim

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March 23rd 2010

Funktronix – Shimi Sonic New EP / Her Sexy way Video clip

Ladies and Gentleman
Here’s the first glimpse to the new EP by Shimi Sonic
Called “Funktronix” -

Here’s the video for his track called “Her Sexy way”

made by yours truly

NJoy :)

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March 22nd 2010

Click here for giving a free mammogram to an underprivileged woman.

a simple request:

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman.

It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on ‘donating a mammogram’ for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn’t cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here’s the web site!

Please pass it along to people you know.


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March 9th 2010

Radio Ray-V- Friendly Wednesday

I hope you would like my selection

Happy Wednesday

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February 12th 2010

Visuals for: Soulico – Exotic On The Speaker – CD Launch 28.01.2010 Barzilay TLV

Thought to share with you , some of what went down at the
Soulico - Exotic On The Speaker – CD Launch at the Barzilay Club in Tel Aviv.  28.1.2010
The rehearsals were truly HOT and had a lot of energy, fun, jokes
it did feel that something serious is cooking and is about to explode.
The presence of the amazing locals talents such as the additional Kutiman, Idan K, and Danny Manor
on top of the Soulico boys and the rappers made the small room boiling hot..
a lot of video work prep on my side,  with some help of Noam Amir the one and THE only.
Roni Kaufman was joining the usual suspects to bring on the live feed video camera aspect to join the visual mix. Barzilay surface was never easy on the visual front, and so Roni ended up handcuffing her video camera tripod above the DJ booth – so tricky…. but yet working ! this girl Rocks !!!
may i take the opportunity to share the fact it was my birthday,
so i got to invite the ol’ mates gang – which was making me very happy to start with !
The stage was full of the locals talents and many rappers,
and was very crowded as it was- shaking and buzzing
-no one could hide their extremely great mood and high energy.
The Barzilay was packed – and the vibe went up constantly.
The show went down quite flawless, a total meltdown
here is 2 Video’s – a peep to what really went down
This video is the end of the gig , when everyone already totally out of it -
We loved it !!!
that’s what i call a truly happy Birthday !!!
Thanks everyone !!!
Soulico Crew - Exotic On The Speaker - CD Launch
Exotic on the speaker poster

Exotic on the speaker poster

poster by Pilpeled

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January 17th 2010

Photo Post – “Quite Voices” @ “Late at the Tate”-Tate Britain London

Photos from the event “Quite Voices” at the Tate Britain Museum 8.1.2010

which my work “3 steps” was exhibited.

This post is dedicated to my freinds:

Yifat Peled, Tamar Dressler, Dan Babz, Kristina stimakovitsMark Calvert, Danna Ronan

To the Kashtum people: Yona Marcu and Yossi Blat

The Cultural Attaché – Sharron Harnoy at The Israeli Embassy in London,

Who help me made it to London and back -

Thank you all so much  !!! :)

Neon headline on the Tate Britain building was the best welcome which says it all !

Pic was taken by Peter

That’s how the entrance hall looked like – statues next to video’s

Many people has arrived in spite of the snow storms

lots of “artsy” types, artists, musicians and art lovers

some photos of my work at the auditorium screening – please welcome Tel Aviv :)

Turner exhabition, open at night

a photo of the curator and some of the artist

Statue in the lobby

and this is how i felt:

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